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About Us

Free2Move eSolutions is the joint venture between Stellantis and NHOA (formerly Engie EPS) soon to become international leader in the design, manufacture and supply of e-mobility products and services.

Con il nostro spirito innovativo e pionieristico, intendiamo guidare la transizione verso nuove forme di mobilità sostenibile, con una serie di offerte al 100% dedicate alla mobilità elettrica che completano la gamma proposta da Free2Move.

We have a team of young talents with great ability and specific knowledge on the design, development, production, distribution and marketing worldwide of simple, innovative mobility solutions contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

As result of our continual technological innovation, radical digitalisation and a pioneering approach to development, production and offers, Free2Move eSolutions simplifies the transition to the mobility of the future.


  • To be pioneers in the development of innovative e-mobility solutions.
  • To facilitate the transition to electric mobility by offering a complete range of charging solutions and services and a simple, obstacle-free purchasing experience.
  • To give our customers an avant-garde digital experience.
  • To promote sustainability and environmentally-respectful behaviour.
  • To combine technological innovation and sustainability with the economic competitivity of the market.


We intend to create a more sustainable world by offering innovative solutions and services that foresee our customers' needs ensuring they have an avant-garde, easy and intuitive electric mobility experience.